Sydney (Media Release from NSW Shadow Minister for Multiculturalism, 21 Feb 2024): During yesterday’s Budget Estimates, Minister for Multiculturalism, Steve Kamper, once again demonstrated his lack of understanding when it comes to his own portfolio.

Shadow Minister for Multiculturalism, Mark Coure has called out Minister Kamper on his lack of advocacy and support for independent multicultural media outlets.

Shadow Minister for Multiculturalism, Mark Coure and the NSW Coalition Shadow Cabinet with members of the multicultural media.

Before the 2023 NSW State Election, NSW Labor and Steve Kamper announced that if elected they would review the NSW Government’s advertising practices to ensure that independent multicultural media outlets were adequately supported.

However, it was revealed that it took more than 100 days since being elected for the review to be conducted by the Department of Customer Service.

“Minister Kamper’s bumbling performance in Budget Estimates yesterday is reminiscent of his attitude towards supporting our vital independent multicultural media outlets.” Mr Coure said.

“Minister Kamper has broken his promise to independent multicultural media outlets, and worst of all he didn’t even seem to realise it when questioned yesterday on what actually he is doing as their advocate in government.”

Minister Kamper’s flustered and un-informed responses yesterday also revealed that he does not know the outcome of the review he asked to be commissioned. Instead, CEO of Multicultural NSW, Joseph La Posta needed to intervene and answer questions on the Minister’s behalf.

“Independent multicultural media outlets provide a crucial link between our state’s diverse communities and government, they are an essential part communicating important messages to those communities in their own language.” Mr Coure said.

“The Minns Labor Government’s total disregard for independent multicultural media is shameful”.


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