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Dear Friends and Community Members,

Syed Atiq ul Hassan

I am thrilled to announce the launch of my new “WhatsApp Community Members” larger Group!

In this WhatsApp group, I have combined all the amazing individuals from our existing WhatsApp groups. The only purpose of creating this consolidated space is to provide you with exclusive access to my series of video lectures on life coaching, mentoring, leadership building, and other valuable topics related to personal and business development.

Through these video lectures, I aim to empower each one of you with practical knowledge and insights that can transform your lives and help you achieve your goals. This community is all about supporting and uplifting one another, so I encourage you to watch my video lectures and provide your feedback and questions directly through your comments on the video (YouTube, WhatsApp, TIKTOK).

To maintain the focus on my core mission, I kindly request that only posts related to the provided video lectures and the discussed topics be shared within this group. Let’s make this space a source of inspiration and growth for all its members. Hence no members can add any other post in this larger group.

I found that you have removed yourself from this group, probably, the reason not to be in many groups. However, as I explained in this, I will be posting my video lectures. Therefore, if you want you can join that group again, to join the group please use this link:

Best regards,

Syed Atiq ul Hassan,

Life Coach, Mentor, Event Organiser, Journalist, Writer and Public Speaker


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