Israel’s barbarism against the Palestinians must be stopped

By Syed Atiq ul Hassan

Today, Israel’s barbarism is on the rise again. Al-Aqsa Mosque is under attack by Israeli forces. The world is watching on international media broadcasts of the Israeli soldiers terrorizing Palestinians who are trapped in the Gaza Strip. Today, the people of the world are watching this spectacle of oppression and barbarism of Israel but feel helpless. The reason is simply that the great powers of the West and the US are all with Israel and want to turn entire Palestine into Israel by occupying one territory after the other. Muslim states were silent even when Adolf Hitler wiped out millions of Jews during World War II, and then the Western powers and the United States created Israel for Jews on the centuries-old land of Palestine in 1948. Since then, the people of Palestine have been

Israeli agression in Gaza – (Credit Palestine Post 24)

systematically stranded within the strip of Gaza, breaching UN resolution by Israel and all promises by the Western powers and the US. Today, millions of people in the Muslim World and Western countries are protesting the barbaric act of killing, torture victimization of the helpless citizens of Palestine. Shamefully most of the Western powers and the US support the Israeli aggression against the people of Palestine. The world has been watching this spectacle for the last seventy years, but there is no one to bring justice to the Palestinians. The heads of government of Muslim countries have made it their duty to speak out in favour of the Palestinians, and in practice, no one is ready to take the field to declare war on Israel. The fact is that only those who have power rule the world. There are Arab Muslim countries around Israel, but they have neither the courage nor the capability to deal with Israel and protect the people and land of Palestine. All these rulers are slaves in the hands of the Western powers.

If only Pakistan, Iran, and Turkey dare to stand up against Israeli aggression, they can make Israel bow down. Pakistan is a nuclear state; Turkey is a strong power in the region. The Iranians have faith, but the governments of these countries are afraid of not taking the risk of sacrificing their interests to the people of Palestine. In these circumstances, the Muslims of the Islamic world must wake up the rulers of their states, stand openly against Israel and declare war against them for the rights of the Palestinians.

Australians are a fair nation. Australians respect human rights and always condemn victimization whenever unjust actions happen in any part of the world. Therefore, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is urged to stand by with the most annihilated people of Palestine. The Prime Minister must force Israel to stop attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque and Palestinians in Gaza without delay.

The leaders of the Islamic countries and human rights leaders and activities must stand with the victims of Palestine and condemn the acts of brutality and killings of the people of Palestine by Israeli forces. (The writer is a Sydney-based journalist, his email address is )

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