Introducing Classy Cats NFT: Entertaining You Through Purrfect Cat Characters


By: Floryselle Lafradez

Classy Cats is a non-fungible token project created through the Ethereum Blockchain, and prides itself on being “the classiest cats on the blockchain.”

The Ethereum blockchain hosts 9,999 artificially manufactured NFTs as part of the project. A total of 9,999 cats make up the first generation. How uncommon or common a ClassyCat is can be determined by anything of its approximately 800 unique traits.

But what’s the story and inspiration and who are the people behind it?

Before Classy Cats Team Transitioned to WEB3, they were a marketing firm that specialises in WEB2 services. Sabeh Hassan, its Director loves the idea of innovation itself and he’s into exploring the tech world. For him, innovations have reached many aspects of daily life. He later then figured out that good content, creating events or experiences people want to be involved with or a product that people need in their life are all requirements for success in the tech sector. He later came across NFT or Non-fungible tokens. NFTs are having their big-bang moment when he figured it out. NFTs are best understood as digital documents that also include evidence of ownership and authenticity, such as a deed. NFTs are the most recent development in the long-promised blockchain revolution, which has significant ramifications so Sabeh bought himself one, and since the exclusive ownership of a specific digital asset is purchased when you acquire it, he came up with the idea of making him his own, NFT.

Since most NFT marketplaces include built-in liquidity mechanisms, it makes trading or exchanging NFTs for other assets simple. This indicates that users can rapidly and easily change their NFTs into money or other assets without having to wait for purchasers to show up. Sabeh wanted to do the same thing for people in Australia since NFT isn’t well known in his country yet.

For Sabeh, he knew that some elements in the art world altered with the advent of social media. Even if they had never had a gallery exhibition, artists from all over the world could present their work online with the aid of the internet. With the introduction of NFT, everything changed for some artists.

The quick development of NFTs on the blockchain gives creators a platform to share their digital works of art and music while also allowing fans and collectors a way to acquire their favourite digital valuables. Over time, the creative industry has transformed. There are currently more careers open to artists than ever before, compared to the past when there was only a handful.

This is altering with NFTs and blockchain technologies.

Artists now have unprecedented freedom to produce, publish, and share their work. The options are unlimited and the ability to succeed is in the hands of the artist thanks to the wealth of new tools and methods available to digital artists.

Every piece of art would have a corresponding NFT smart contract that served as its certificate of ownership and authenticity. This smart contract is represented by a linking serial number or QR code affixed to the artwork and serves as the means of payment for the actual artwork. Even better, the funds could be placed in an escrow account, delaying payment to the gallery and artist until the item had successfully reached its intended recipient. To maintain ownership, the contract had to be sold each time a physical work of art was sold.

These technological advancements ultimately allow artists to retain all of their rights when creating works of art while still finding a market to sell those works of art to a worldwide audience.

Digital art can earn a living.

Classy Cats Unique Story

On a planet called Felidae, cats rule all other lifeforms in opulence and glamour. The canine population fears cats, but humans serve and worship them.

The feline queen of the Felidae family, Cleocatra, reigns over all of the planet’s inhabitants with a golden claw to uphold the natural hierarchy between felines and the other members of the family.

Nick Purry the Sphinx, Cleocatra’s guard, guards the planet Felidae and keeps a constant eye on the Galaxy to make sure that balance is maintained.

With the aid of Nick Purry’s superhuman sight, Cleocatra sends her best feline servants, including her second-in-command, cat-Riona, to search the galaxy for a second home as part of her desire to increase Felidae’s territory and control.

After several years, the Felidae expedition team finds Earth, which is inhabited. The Felidae clowder, which is rich in a variety of living forms including their own Earth cats, wants to unite and rule over all life on this recently found planet.

The ambassador of the Felidae to Earth, CAT-RIONA, issues a warning to NICK PURRY one day. As opposed to the felid cats, Earth cats are denigrated and frequently mistreated by both people and canines. CAT-RIONA, who is in dire need of assistance, transmits the plight of the cat population on Earth, claiming that the felines are famished, restless, and in need of assistance.

NICK PURRY alerts Queen Cleocatra to the dreadful situation, and she immediately comes up with a plan to restore the dignity of cats to Earth once and for all. The Felidae cat population is instructed by Queen Cleocatra to assist their sibling counterparts and travel to Earth to restore their honour and proper authority the following day.

(The author, Floryselle Lafradez, is a social media manager for Knobin


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