Internal Enemies of Pakistan are busy in Anti-Pakistan Affairs Abroad

Syed Atiq ul Hassan

Pakistan is an unfortunate state where Pakistan’s enemies freely run their campaign with the support of enemies of Pakistan abroad. To date, no traitor has been hanged except Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Matter of fact Bhutto was involved in the conspiracy to break Pakistan, but he was hanged in a murder case.

Today, Sindh’s bigwigs, Sindhu Desh activists, and PPP Sindh political pundits along with Asif Zardari and Bilawal Zardari are plotting to break Pakistan. Altaf Hussain and Nawaz Sharif, both in England today, are also involved in anti-Pakistan affairs with Indian agencies. Bilawal Zardari and Murad Ali Shah are meeting with the enemies of Pakistan personalities in the United States.

In former East Pakistan, when Mujeeb-ur-Rehman was running the Bangladesh freedom movement in the name of the rights of Bengalis, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto offering Mujeeb-ur-Rehman, in large public gatherings, quoting, ‘Uther Tum Idhar Hum (You there and we here)’. Today, Asif Zardari is offering Nawaz Sharif the same offer (Punjab is yours and Sindh is ours). With this message, Bilawal Zardari has gone to the United States meeting with anti-Pakistan political figures. Unfortunately, the state institutions of Pakistan are not bringing this news to the public but people working in media like me know what is happening behind the scenes.

In Sindh especially in Karachi, once again, conspiracies are being hatched to spread bloody ethnic violence and slaughtering of people. ISI and IB are receiving their activities but are silent – Why?

The people of Punjab are being kept unaware of what has been happening in Sindh against the sovereignty of Pakistan for the last 40 years, the same as was done in East Pakistan during the Bangladesh movement.

Bilawal Zardari addressing a rally in Kashmir said that if any party has raised a voice for Kashmiri people, that was Pakistan Peoples Party. Saeed Ghani said that Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was the first Pakistani politician who raised his voice for Kashmir and the freedom for Kashmiris was the creation of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) – apology but what a bullshit. How dare these idiots to lie?

The fact of the matter is that they have no interest in the stability of Pakistan. Why are the Pakistan Army and intelligence agencies silently watching all this nonsense of Bilawal Zardari and these anti-Pakistan elements of PPP Sindh?

The fact is that if anyone trampled the 1948 UN resolution for the rights of Kashmiris, it was Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s Shimla pact with Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. UN Resolution said that the fate of Kashmir will be resolved by holding a plebiscite in Kashmir. Whereas Zulfiqar Ali signed an accord (Shimla agreement) that says the dispute of Pakistan will be resolved through a bilateral dialogue between India and Pakistan. Therefore, Bhutto ruined the UN Resolution on Kashmir. Since then, India never came to the table to talk on Kashmir, and India will never come now as India superseded UN Resolution on Shimla Accord at the same time negate to dialogue with Pakistan.

I do not understand how the Sindhu Desh Tehreek openly running its campaign, carrying anti-Pakistan slogans, shouting against Pakistan Army on the streets of Karachi and the Pakistani establishment is silently watching – Why?

The corrupt PPP Sindh government has ruined Karachi. The PPP government is receiving billions of rupees from the federation every year for the people of Sindh, and everyone knows now that this money goes to the foreign banks of Asif Zardari, Bilawal Zardari, and their companions. Pakistan’s state institutions and intelligence agencies are aware of this but are still silent about – Why!

The citizens of Urban areas of Sindh especially the Muhajirs have been victimizing through the unfair, unjust, racist, and corrupt system in Sindh for the last forty years. On the other hand, Pakistani establishment, at times, used Altaf Hussain and his MQM against the PPP Sindh and Sindhi Political Landlords (Vaderas), and at times establishment worked with PPP Sindh and Political Landlords against MQM and Muhajirs. This led to the destruction of the Sindh and sufferings of the citizens through corrupt government system – Why?

Had Karachi and Sindh been remained in the hands of the Muhajir bureaucracy, on merit, Karachi, Hyderabad, and Sukkur would have been far more developed cities of Pakistan. Since the census was rigged, fake domiciles and quotas were used to replace Muhajir competent officers with incompetent political Sindhi appointments, the entire government system, today, has been collapsed. The Pakistani establishment and army aware about these facts, but they remain behave as silent spectators – Why?

When Benazir was the Prime Minister of Pakistan, a military operation was carried out in Karachi on her orders. Thousands of Muhajir youth in Karachi and Hyderabad were killed or disappeared during that operation. Today, retired military officers admit this fact in the media. Senior Pakistani politician Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain, in a TV interview, accepted that how Muhajir youth were killed through army operations in Karachi and Hyderabad. On the other hand, not a single operation has been done the rangers or army against Sindhu Desh activists in Sindh in the 60 years – Why?

If the Muhajirs in the urban areas of Sindh followed Altaf Hussain and joined the Muttahida Qaumi Moment (MQM), it was just because they found no option then raise their voice against unfair and unjust dealing with Muhajirs through MQM. Had the state and the army timely acted against this biased, racist, unfair and corrupt system in Sindh then Altaf Hussain and the MQM would have ended on their own but General Zia-ul-Haq and General Pervez Musharraf empowered the MQM to use them against the PPP.

Today, Karachi looks like the most backward city in the world that used to be the most modern city in the 1960s. From small towns and villages, the wicked leaders of the PPP reach the Sindh Parliament through rigged elections and then plunder the government wealth of Sindh by illegal means including money laundering in their foreign accounts. There are criminals recruited in Sindh Police who are involved in looting and rubbering houses and businesses in Karachi. Pakistan’s state institutions and army are aware of this but are silent – Why?

If the Pakistani federation and the state still do not act in Sindh on priority, then God forbid there could be another Bangladesh the world will see again. (The writer is a Sydney-based journalist, political analyst and a writer, his email address is )

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