115 Civilians killed trying to access food aid trucks

By Syed Atiq ul Hassan, Syndey Australia, 1st March 2024

Never heard this situation before, according to international media sources, eyewitnesses and Hamas run Palestinian Ministry of Health report that tragedy struck Gaza as Israeli forces opened fire on civilians waiting for food, resulting in the loss of at least 115 lives and over 750 injured, as reported by the Palestinian Ministry of Health. This horrifying incident has sent shockwaves across the world, prompting reflection on the sanctity of life and the responsibility of nations to ensure the safety and well-being of their citizens.

According to Al Jazeera report, a United Nations team finds many injured in last Thursday’s Israeli attack on Palestinians awaiting food aid in Gaza City have gunfire wounds, as the acting director of al-Awda Hospital says 80 percent of the wounded brought to the hospital had been shot. The bodies of three more Palestinians killed in the food aid ‘massacre’ have been recovered, Gaza’s Health Ministry announced, bringing the overall death toll to 115, with some 760 wounded.

It is deeply disheartening to witness such massacre on Arab land, especially considering the significant financial resources held by Arab states in their reserve treasuries. The failure to prevent such atrocities raises serious questions about the priorities and actions of these nations. Shame must be squarely placed on the shoulders of Arab states and the broader Muslim Ummah, including Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, for their inability to prevent this tragedy and protect innocent lives.

The repercussions of such violence are not confined to Gaza & West Bank alone. They serve as a grim reminder to nations worldwide, including Pakistan, of the fragility of peace and the urgent need for responsible governance. In Pakistan, where the spectre of political corruption looms large, there is a real fear that a similar fate could befall its people if current fraudulent government of looters is not enacted. The newly fraud so-called government is in making, rife with corruption and controlled by powerful interests, presents a formidable barrier to progress and justice.

It is incumbent upon the Pakistani nation to recognize the parallels between their own situation and the ongoing crisis in Palestine. The power to effect change lies within the collective will and determination of the people. By standing up against fraudulent and rigged elections, corruption, injustice, and oppression, Pakistanis can safeguard their future and prevent the descent into the kind of catastrophic situation witnessed in Gaza & West Bank.

In this time of mourning and reflection, let us not only condemn the violence in Gaza & West Bank but also commit ourselves to the pursuit of justice, peace, and human dignity for all. The lives lost in Gaza must not be in vain; they serve as a stark reminder of the urgent need for unity, solidarity, and action in the face of injustice.


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