Sydney (Tribune International, report by Mussawar Chugtai, 27 June 2021): The first Pakistani Film Festival was hosted in Sydney, Australia on June 26. Despite the COVID 19 safety restrictions, the event received an overwhelming response from locals, film buffs, and overseas Pakistanis. The festival showcased selected short films originated from Pakistan and its diaspora. This remarkable event was organized by Kalakar Productions, a non-profit organization partnering with the Pakistan Australia association. This Pakistani Film Festival aimed to promote Pakistani art and entertainment in Australia.  The Producer of this festival was Afaq Rahat and directed by Mussawar Chughtai.

Mussawar Chugtai, Director PFFA

A diverse members of the multicultural society especially Pakistani Australians attended the event and praised the efforts made to portray Pakistan in a positive light. Pakistani Actor Ayub Khosa, CG Sydney Muhammad Ashraf, and Australian Film Actor Sam Smith attended the event through streamyard and candidly addressed questions from the audience.

Australian Actor Sam Smith, Pakistani PTV producer Shahid Chughtai, actor and producer Reema Gillani judged the short films.

Shahid Chughtai and Reema Gillani also attended the event and interacted with the audience.

Consulate General of Pakistani High Commission in Sydney Muhammad Ashraf joined the event via online streamyard studio and praised the efforts of organizers and volunteers.

PFFA is a little endeavour by Kalakar Productions to create a prime platform for Pakistani films and arts in Australia. In the future, filmmakers from both countries will be able to connect and collaborate.


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