Extortion and bribery by Sindh Police behind COVID lockdown against Karachi business community

By Syed Atiq ul Hassan

For the last 40 years, incompetent and bigoted PPP government workers and PPP Sindh goons have closed the doors of government jobs and educational institutions in urban Sindh to non-Sindhis in the name of the quota system. Have already done but now, under the guise of protecting against the coronavirus, the lockdown has heated the market of oppression, extortion, and bribery for business owners, shopkeepers, restaurant owners by the Sindh Police.

The extent of the oppression is that the Sindh government is closing down the urban businesses of Karachi and Hyderabad at 6 pm, but the markets in the inner areas of Sindh and small towns are open as usual. Sindh police officials are receiving extorting and demanding bribes from small and big shopkeepers in Karachi and Hyderabad daily to keep their business open. In urban business areas of Karachi, Rs. 200 to Rs. 500 per shopkeeper are being collected daily. The Coronavirus has already badly affected the business community of Karachi and Hyderabad and other urban cities of Sindh, and now are they are facing extortion and bribery by the Sindh policemen. These corrupt scoundrels’ policemen taking Rs 200 per day from small shopkeepers, Rs 500 per day from big shopkeepers, and Rs 500 per from restaurant owners. This illegal money receiving from policemen goes up to the lop figures in the Sindh government.

The PPP thugs and corrupt people have completely occupied the Sindh government, involved in a systematic policy to discredit Imran Khan’s federal government in the urban areas of Sindh through their illegal and oppressive activities. Ordinary citizens are upset with this extortion by the Sindh government, business is gone, daily bearded people are unemployed, so they blame Imran Khan. Through this heinous policy, the Sindh government, especially the Sindh Chief Minister, is not only defaming the PTI federal government in Sindh but also the prejudice and genocide against Muhajirs and non-Sindhis living in urban areas of Sindh for the last 40 years. Ongoing.

The PPP and Zardari’s government conspired not only to brought measures against the federal power by bringing in the 18th Amendment in the Constitution of Pakistan but also against the urban citizens of Sindh who have been opposed to it since its inception Oppression and barbarism continue, these facts are in no way hidden from the Pakistan Army and Establishment, nor Prime Minister Imran Khan. Asif Ali Zardari, Bilawal Zardari is against the federation power in the name of freedom for provinces. On one hand, they have the political weapon of PPP and on the other hand, they play blackmail through threatening Sindhu Desh Tehreek, from the backdoor PPP Sindh supports the activists of Sindhu Desh. History has shown that Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, the founder of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), played a key role in breaking up Pakistan and creating Bangladesh, in 1971, to capture the power of then West Pakistan. PPP has used Punjab only for its benefit, which the people of Punjab are still unable to understand. Since then, PPP has destroyed Karachi and cities having the majority of the Muhajir population.

PPP Sindh has continued to persecute and discriminate not only against Urdu or other language speaking people in Karachi and urban areas of Sindh but also against Sindhi speakers living in rural areas of Sindh and PPP common followers (Jialay). And now the ground realities are that PPP Sind has destroyed the entire Sindh and created the mess in Sindh’s establishment and bureaucracy. This is the ground reality of today that not only the urban areas of Sindh but also the rural areas are severely deprived of primary necessities.

There is a lot of anger and revolt among the Muhajirs. Everything has a limit. The patience of the Muhajirs from Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur, MirpurkKhas, and Nawabshah is running out, they are already pushed towards the wall and now they are ready to die to their cause, and if this happens Pakistan will see another dark and down scene of East Pakistan. Asif Ali Zardari and his followers also want the Muhajirs to stand up against Pakistan because of their prejudices and exploitation and speak of liberating Karachi so that the army can carry out an operation against them and genocide them which will benefit the campaigner of Sindhu Desh. The strategy of the leaders of Sindh PPP and Asif Zardari is to mentally prepare the activists of Sindh Desh to liberate Sindh from Pakistan.

The Pakistan Army, the present PTI government, and Imran Khan must take the situation in Sindh seriously and take action now. If the situation in Sindh continues and Sindh is not liberated from PPP bullying and blackmailing the federal government, Muhajirs will not wait any further and there will be bloodshed in Sindh that will result from nothing but the further split of Pakistan. Muhajirs now have nothing to lose, they have now nothing left to lose. Muhajirs are patriotic Pakistanis, their life and death are with Pakistan. Muhajirs have already paid huge sacrifices and sacrifices in the last 40 years in Sindh for the solidarity of Pakistan, but it should be the responsibility of others especially the people of the bigger province (Punjab). All Pakistanis must immediately stop the ongoing racist activities, corruption, and extortion of the PPP Sindh government in every possible way. If the federal government wants, it can immediately impose a governor rule in Sindh and conduct a fresh census in Sindh, fix the system of local bodies in Sindh, give powers to the urban system and governments of urban areas of Sindh including Karachi. Yes, it can give jobs and responsibilities to the citizens of Sindh based on merit by removing the incompetent persons recruited based on the quota system in corrupt and incompetent institutions in Sindh.

In the Kacha area of ​​Sindh, the dacoits have made life difficult for the people there. The market for dacoities and kidnappings is hot daily. These dacoits have the backing of the elders and politicians of Sindh. The Sindh government, including Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah and his thugs, provide shelter to the dacoits. The Sindh police recruit the accomplices of these dacoits. This is the reason why the rule of dacoits does not end in the rural areas of Sindh because they are the pet dogs of the Sindh government.

Imran Khan needs to focus on Sindh, especially Karachi, without further delay, otherwise, Imran’s government may fall into the trap after the tide has turned. Those who support PTI in Karachi and Hyderabad may stand up against PTI now, which is the agenda of the Sindh government. It is hoped that Imran Khan’s government would take immediate and bold steps to save Sindh and the people of Sindh.

On the other hand, political organizations and groups formed in the name of Muhajirs should put aside their interests and ego and reunite on a single platform. Today again there is a need for a strong political platform and a political party that speaks for the non-discriminatory rights of Muhajirs and people in urban Sindh. Raise the voice for the creation of a separate province comprising the districts of Karachi and a separate province comprising the districts of Hyderabad. The division and squabbling between the political organizations and groups of the Muhajirs have caused irreparable damage to the Muhajirs, which has benefited the PPP Sindh and Sindhudesh movements and the Muhajirs have been walled off. Today, Muhajirs need a strong and single platform with strong leadership, to unite Muhajir organizations and work as a political party fighting for the rights of Muhajirs and urban Sindh. (The writer is a Sydney-based journalist and analyst, and chairman RMS (Rights of Muhajirs), his email is shassan@tribune-intl.com ).

Syed Atiq ul Hassan

Mobile + 61 479 143 628

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