By Syed Atiq ul Hassan

The recent appointment of Mr. Mohsin Naqvi as Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) along with the selection of four former cricketers as selectors has sparked various opinions and

Mohsin Naqvi, PCB New Chairman

concerns. Mr. Naqvi, an army appointee with alleged ties to Asif Zardari, raises questions about the influence of the military in PCB affairs now. While Mr. Naqvi’s cricketing and management experience remains unclear, his previous roles as Caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab and Federal Interior Minister suggest a background in Pakistani governance rather than cricket administration. This prompts scepticism regarding his suitability for the role of PCB Chairman.

The selection of Asad Shafiq, Wahab Riaz, Mohammad Yousuf, and Abdul Razzaq as selectors raises eyebrows. Are these the best candidates for such a critical role in Pakistan cricket? Surprisingly, there is no member belongs to KPK – province that has the most talented cricketers and producing cricketers at national level. Additionally, the absence of a Chief Selector or a designated head among these four selectors raises questions about the selection process’s transparency and effectiveness.

PCB Cricket New Selection Team with new Chairman

Furthermore, the PCB’s delay in finalizing cricket coaches and team captains adds to the uncertainty surrounding the board’s direction. Mr. Naqvi’s announcement regarding sending players to the PMA Kakul camp for physical fitness and team bonding suggests a lack of confidence in the current

training facilities. This raises concerns about the adequacy of resources available for national cricketers.

One might speculate whether the emphasis at the PMA Kakul camp will extend beyond fitness training to include indoctrination about the role of the army in Pakistani cricket. Such a move could potentially overshadow the primary focus on cricketing skills and development.

In conclusion, there are valid concerns regarding the appointments and strategies implemented by the new PCB administration. Transparency, competency, and the prioritization of cricketing excellence should remain at the forefront of PCB’s agenda.



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