Elastica offers Security and Compliance Solution for Dropbox

Elastica Securlet for Dropbox leverages the newly announced Dropbox for Business


SAN JOSE, CA – Elastica, the leader in Data Science Powered Cloud Application Security, has announced availability of its Securlet for Dropbox, which integrates with Dropbox for Business to provide customers with additional security and data governance capabilities. The new offering further extends the growing Elastica portfolio of advanced security functionality for cloud applications that deliver real-time intrusion and threat detection, protection against compliance violations and data leaks, and investigation of historical account activity for post-incident analysis. Dropbox for Business provides teams with the power, security and performance of Dropbox, along with robust admin capabilities that give IT visibility and control over company data.

“Enterprises are taking advantage of cloud applications to increase efficiency, agility and performance. To ensure security and compliance of sensitive data stored in cloud apps, they leverage leading SaaS security services to reduce the risk of data breaches and violations,” said Rehan Jalil, CEO of Elastica. “This integration gives enterprises the power to extend security and compliance controls provided by the Elastica CloudSOCâ„¢ to Dropbox accounts. Driven by machine learning and data science, Elastica solutions help enterprises to continuously monitor and control file sharing application use and to tackle the shadow data dilemma.”

Developed in cooperation with Dropbox, Elastica Securlet for Dropbox leverages the recently announced Dropbox for Business API to provide fast and easy integration. The Dropbox for Business API enables developers to build a wide range of integrations that further support critical business needs for the companies that run on Dropbox for Business. These integrations extend the power of the Dropbox Platform by addressing new areas including security information and event management (SIEM), data loss prevention (DLP), eDiscovery, digital rights management (DRM), and data migration.

Through this new integration, Elastica Securlet for Dropbox provides easy management for enterprise-class data protection, auditing and compliance in Dropbox for Business accounts. Securlet’s data protection and compliance can now be extended to help customers address risks related to sensitive data, such as personally identifiable information (PII), Payment Card Industry (PCI) information and more.

Elastica Securlet for Dropbox provides advanced security and compliance capabilities:

  • Risky file exposure detection: Rapid detection of risky file exposures of various kinds, including public, external and internal exposures. Prioritization of exposure risks based on risk levels.
  • Compliance risk classification: Deep classification of content to highlight compliance risks of various kinds in exposed content.
  • Sensitive content classification: Deep classification of content in Dropbox highlights sensitive types of content in exposed files and includes built-in classifiers such as source code, legal files, and custom classifiers.
  • Compromised or malicious user risk: Detection of compromised or malicious users on Dropbox, based on patent-pending machine-learning algorithms.
  • Malware detection: Detection of malware propagation within files shared through Dropbox, including compromised files.
  • Dynamic policy enforcement: Policy creation based on users, content, threat and activity types. Dynamic enforcement of policies and automatic remediation of exposures and risks, preventing data loss, compliance violations and account takeovers.
  • Incident investigations: Investigation of incidents and user activities in Dropbox and correlation across other cloud applications.

“Dropbox for Business is all about simplifying the way people and companies work, and a big part of that is enabling integrations with the services our customers already use to meet their various business needs, like Elastica,” said George O’Brien, product manager for Dropbox for Business. “Elastica’s integration provides customers with a seamless way to access advanced monitoring and controls of their critical assets in Dropbox for Business.”

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