Tribune International, 16 Feb 2024 by Syed Atiq ul Hassan: A group of approximately 30 asylum-seekers hailing from Pakistan and Bangladesh made a perilous journey by boat from Indonesia

Source; Australian Rights Law Centre

and were discovered near a remote Indigenous community, Beagle Bay, situated in Western Australia’s north, close to Broome. This discovery followed their passage through crocodile-inhabited mangroves, highlighting the dangerous nature of their journey.

Border Force issued a statement confirming their involvement in an operation in the northwest region of Western Australia. However, the details surrounding the ongoing operation were not disclosed, as stated by a spokesperson, “As this operation is ongoing, no further information will be provided.”

Australia maintains stringent border protection policies, as reiterated in the statement: “Australia’s tough border protection policies mean no one who travels unauthorized by boat will ever be allowed to settle permanently in Australia. The only way to travel to Australia is legally, with an Australian visa.”

During a press conference held this afternoon, the Prime Minister addressed inquiries regarding the alleged boat arrival. Despite being on a journey by car at the time, he indicated that he had not yet been fully briefed on the situation. “But our policies are very, very clear, which is that boats that arrive in that fashion, we have policies in place to ensure that they’re dealt with,” he affirmed.

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton expressed concern over the reports, labeling them as “disturbing.” In a statement to reporters in Adelaide, he remarked, “Clearly, the settings of the government currently in place are not sufficient.”

The arrival of this group marks the eleventh reported people smuggling venture to reach Australia since the Albanese government’s election in May 2022, underscoring the ongoing challenges in managing irregular migration flows to the country.


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