Beyond Blue’s response to Bondi Junction attack

Beyond Blue says mental health support is available in the wake of the tragic events at Bondi Junction this weekend.

Beyond Blue’s CEO Georgie Harman said people can experience a wide range of feeling and emotions when shocking events happen in a community.

“Our deep condolences go out to the victims and all the people affected by the stabbing. This will no doubt have a profound impact on the local community, bringing up feelings of shock, grief, immense sadness, anger, fear and helplessness,” Ms Harman said.

“These feelings are normal as people try to process what has happened, and it will take time for emotions to settle, but it’s never too early to seek support if you are feeling distressed,”

Ms Harman said it’s equally important to look out for any longer term mental health impact in the coming weeks and months, such as:

The Offender Joel Cauchi
  • Feeling overwhelmed, numb or detached
  • Unable to focus or plan ahead
  • Having a short fuse, or feeling irritated
  • Constantly tearful
  • Intrusive memories or bad dreams
  • Replaying the event over and over

“If you have prolonged feelings of distress, reach out for extra mental health support,” Ms Harman said.

Research suggests a link between exposure to distressing events and mental health issues, and it’s important to be ready to support children, and respond to their questions about what has happened.

“Children look to adults to learn how to respond. Encourage questions and explain its normal to feel scared or worried and remind them they are safe,” Ms Harman said.

Ms Harman says it can help to focus on the powerful acts of humanity we are seeing.

“Not just the acts of bravery by police and the response of paramedics, but the shoppers and staff who quickly came to people’s aid. The community is rallying together in a time of crisis, which can help reduce feelings of despair or helplessness,” Ms Harman said.


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