Baby Koala stays by Mom during surgery at Australia Zoo

Koala Joey won’t leave mom’s side during surgery

When Lizzy the koala was rushed to the Australia Zoo’s wildlife hospital after being hit by a car, she had a very special – very adorable – supporter by her side.

Her 6-month-old joey, Phantom, was taken in alongside his mom after the Queensland accident along the Warrego Highway, although he walked away mostly unmarred from Sunday’s trauma. However, Lizzy had to undergo surgery to treat her collapsed lung.

Koala joeyNot one to leave her side, Phantom cuddled into his mother throughout the operation, because that’s what family’s all about.

Now, Lizzy is recovering with the help of antibiotics – and her joey.

This is the adorable moment a baby koala nestled up to his mother as she endured life-saving surgery after being hit by a car.

Lizzy and her joey Phantom were both mown down by the vehicle over the weekend as they travelled along the Warrego Highway in Coominya, Australia.

While the six-month-old baby miraculously escaped unharmed, the mother suffered a head injury and a collapsed lung.

She was rushed to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital to have her lung drained.

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