Sydney (Tribune International, Press Release, 23 July 2021); With ongoing lockdown impacts, pharmacies across the country are delivering prescription medications and over the counter items to patient’s doorsteps within hours of ordering. With the assistance of technology, Australian residents have access to a convenient APP, Chemist2U, enabling a seamless process for continuous medicine supply. Patients can avoid crowded pharmacies with long wait times for filling prescriptions and leaving the house. The APP matches patients with their nearest local community pharmacy offering a secure zone with prescription and over-the-counter medications same-day filled by a qualified pharmacist and delivered safely to the patient’s door.

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Pharmacies across Australia are supporting their community members by partnering with healthcare APP, Chemist2U which allows patients to order both prescription and over the counter medications from the comfort and privacy of their home and receive delivery to their door within hours.

According to Sydney Pharmacist, Kieran Baker “Our patients are looking for contactless delivery options and as bricks and mortar community pharmacists’ we need to be flexible and provide an online presence.  Chemist2U is showing broad patient appeal and uptake particularly during the Greater Sydney lockdown.  The app is easy to access and straightforward to use.”

“Patients simply take a photo of their script or browse the website for over-the-counter pharmacy items and an order can be placed and delivered within hours.  It is automation and technology for the greater good by bringing a new way of healthcare to patients. And, while it may appear to have re-imagined the local community pharmacy, we can continue to counsel and touch base with patients when an order is placed, to ensure patients are familiar and know how to take their meds as their doctor intended.”

Chemist2U is a phone app and web based platform that streamlines access to prescription medication and pharmacy only items such as stronger pain relief as well as cold, flu and cold sore treatments.  Unlike many other healthcare delivery services that use overnight or a two plus day delivery approach, Chemist2U is dedicated to getting treatment to patients on the same day.

Founded by one of Australia’s leading psychiatrists, Dr Matthew Cullen – the APP has been designed to geographically match patients to their closest local community pharmacy, it is a seamless and personalised service bringing a new level of community support across Greater Sydney, particularly to the growing number of individuals trying to shop from the safety of home.  It will also make a massive difference to busy parents, those who are sick or in need.

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