Australia takes lead to contribute to Arms Trade Treaty

The Australian Government has renewed its support for the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), to enable better regulation of the arms trade and reduce the risk of diversion of weapons to terrorist and criminal groups.
Australia played a lead role in establishing the ATT through the United Nations, the first legally-binding instrument to establish common standards for the international transfer of conventional arms.
This week in Cancun, Mexico, the 69 states parties to the ATT will meet formally for the first time to agree on the rules under which the treaty will operate. Another 61 states who have signed the treaty and are in the process of ratification or accession will also take part, along with NGOs and industry representatives.
To coincide with the conference, Australian Foreign Minister The Hon Julie Bishop MP on August 24, 2015 announced a $400,000 contribution over two years to help developing countries in our region accede to and participate in the ATT.
Australia is working closely with the United Nations and states parties to ensure the effective implementation of the treaty. This First Conference of States Parties will also establish a permanent Secretariat for the ATT. Switzerland, Austria and Trinidad and Tobago are all bidding to host the Secretariat.


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