Australia not softening its policy of border protection against human trafficking

Australia has once against reaffirmed that the Government policy of illegal human trafficking would continue to remain enforced and there was no relaxation in that regard following refugee crisis.
According to a statement issued by the Australian Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Peter Dutton the ‘Operation Sovereign Borders policy’ has not changed or softened against the backdrop of “our humanitarian response to the Syrian crisis or the change in Prime Minister.”

“People smugglers will always grasp on to any change in an attempt to exploit vulnerable people, but as the Prime Minister stated this week, we will not tolerate people smuggling and our policy, while tough, must continue,” Mr Dutton said in an official statement.
“We remain as committed as ever to implementing tough policies that stop vulnerable people being exploited by criminals, prevent further loss of life at sea and ultimately keep people smugglers out of business.
“It remains Australia’s policy to safely turn back boats or send people to another country for processing and resettlement – regardless of where they are from.
“People who attempt to travel illegally by boat to Australia will never settle in Australia and there will be no resettlement of the people on Manus and Nauru in Australia. “The Government will continue to implement tough measures to protect our borders because it’s very clear that they work.
“I have a very clear message for anyone considering joining an illegal boat venture to Australia – our policy has not, and will not change. The rules apply to everyone, there are no exceptions. The way to Australia by boat remains closed.”

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