Year 12 Muslim Achievement Awards 2014

Melbourne (New release by Human Appeal International Australia): For the past 7 years Human Appeal International has been hosting the Year 12Year 12 achievers Muslim Achievement Awards. This event recognises the achievement of students who receive an ATAR over 90%. Alhamdulillah there were over 60 students who were awarded by local sponsors. Present on the night were numerous representatives from various communities and community groups. The atmosphere was very uplifting and we were inspired by the speeches, such as the one made by Dr Zachariah Matthews and Senator Mehmet Tilem.

One of the highlights of the night was the video which showcased the journey of some of the first and second year recipients. The video showed how the students have progressed through the different stages of their lives, moving from high school graduates, to University graduates and then as employees in their career fields.

Overall, Human Appeal is always proud of the achievements of the students and is always looking forward to making future events more successful. We pray that theses students can pave the way for future success stories that reflect the progress of the Australian Muslim youth of this country.

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