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Sydney (Tribune International): Hon Victor Michael Dominello, Minister for Citizenship and Victor DominelloCommunities, Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Minister for Veterans Affairs, and Assistant Minister for Education, proved that he lives in the hearts of the people of New South Wales. His victory endorses that people love him and want to see him continue to lead the multicultural communities.

The people of New South Wales particularly members of the multicultural communities are very happy today who were desperately looking for Mr. Dominello’s victory and wanted to see him leading the outstanding work he has done for the multicultural NSW says Syed Atiq ul Hassan, Director CREF, Editor-in-Chief Tribune International and President Pakistani Australian Federation (PAF). He said that Mr. Dominello’s victory proves that people of New South Wales overwhelmingly supports the great initiatives Mr. Dominello is undertaking in order to build unity, peace and harmony in New South Wales and wanted him to continue his hard work for the people.

Mr. Hassan congratulates him on a proud victory and retaining his seat in the legislative assembly.

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