Sydney (Tribune Report): Mr. Victor Dominello the NSW Member parliament for Ryde and the Minister for Victor Dominello at Digital clinicFinance, Services and Property says that he is honoured to be representing NSW at the Australian Digital Council which is a great initiative set up by Mr. Minister Keenan the federal Minister for Human Services and Digital Transformation. He says he is so passionate about digital transformation because he struggles with human suffering.

Since Mr. Dominello has been the Minister for Finance, Services and Property he brought many new projects for the betterment of common people of New South Wales. He is desperate to change the shape of Services NSW through using the modern-day technology. He is committed, hard-worker and always enthusiastic to serve the people of New South Wales.

Digital Driver’s License a collaborative effort between various agencies including Service NSW, NSW Police ForceNSW Office Of Liquor & GamingRoads And Maritime Services (RMS) is a excellent advancement of NSW for the ease and betterment of the common people of NSW. Mr Dominello says that the digital transformation is the fastest way we can solve the challenges of the world.

Victor Dominello digital Driving License

Digital Transformation will accelerate the transmission of:
🔹 data
🔹 information
🔹 knowledge and
🔹 wisdom

‘With this we can unlock cures to cancers and genetic diseases – to deafness – to blindness – to spinal injury. We can better understand our brain and hopefully shed light on mental illness’.

‘We can create safer environments. We can improve our environment (eg creating synthetic products that are completely bio-degradable and the list goes on and on …’