Sydney (Press Release): Deputy Leader of the NSW Liberal Party Dominic Perrottet has called on NSW Labor Leader Michael Daley to rule out any preference deal with the Shooters Party, after revelations today the Shooters have entered in to a preference deal with Pauline Hanson’s One Nation.

On the 17th December last year Mr Daley told the media:

“We will completely rule out dealing with One Nation – because I believe they are a racist party.”

Mr Perrottet said it was time Mr Daley matched words with actions and immediately demand Labor general secretary Kaila Murnain stop dealing with and promoting the Shooters.

“It’s bad enough for Labor to jump into bed with the Shooters – who want to give guns to ten year olds and remove records of ammunition sales,” said Mr Perrottet.

“But now One Nation has joined forces with the Shooters, Michael Daley needs to show he is a man of his word, and stop dealing with a party he says is racist.

“He must rule out a deal between Labor and the One-Nation-aligned Shooters – and until he does, the people of NSW need to know why he is now willing to turn a blind eye to racism.”

“While the Liberals and Nationals occupy the sensible center, a desperate Labor is trying to stitch up deals with the far left and the far right, showing they’ll do absolutely anything it takes to grab power.”

“Labor, the Greens, the Shooters and now One Nation – this isn’t a coalition of the willing – it’s an axis of shameless opportunists.”

Mr Perrottet stood alongside the Member for Coogee Bruce Notley-Smith today and launched a campaign demanding Labor put the people of NSW ahead of their desperate vote-buying deals.

Mr Notley-Smith called on Labor candidate for Coogee Marjorie O’Neill to explain her position.

“Marjorie O’Neill needs to come clean with the people of Coogee and tell them if she agrees that Labor should preference the Shooters,” Mr Notley-Smith said.

Mr Perrottet said the mums and dads in Labor seats such as Strathfield, Granville, Londonderry, Summer Hill and Blue Mountains would be shocked and horrified at Labor and the Shooter’s extreme views on gun rights.

“It was a Liberal Prime Minister John Howard who introduced tough gun laws that have kept our community safe. Now the Labor Opposition Leader is jumping into bed with an organisation like the NRA of NSW politics,” Mr Perrottet said.

“We have the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party who want more guns on the streets, the Greens who want drugs in pubs and a stand-for-nothing Labor leader letting it all happen.”

“If I was a Labor voter, my question to Michael Daley would be: please explain?”

“One thing the people of Coogee and NSW can rely on is that the Liberals and Nationals are straight up about who we are and what we stand for – stronger communities, lower taxes and building the future of our state.”