Tesla Tiny House

Tiny Tesla House is touring Australia to show off solar power potential

Tesla Tiny House hits the road in Australia with Model X A tiny Tesla house is making the rounds of Australia – showing off its solar products and educating the public on how... Read more »
Tesla to install world's largest lithium ion battery in Australia

Tesla to install world’s largest lithium ion battery in Australia

Elon Musk’s Tesla to build world’s largest battery in Australia South Australia has picked Tesla to install the world’s largest grid-scale battery, which would be paired with a wind farm provided by... Read more »
Sunverge Solar Integration System

Australia’s first virtual power plant goes live in Adelaide

‘World’s largest virtual power plant’ switched on at West Lakes in Adelaide Australia’s largest operating virtual power plant is now live with the first tranche of solar battery storage installations ‘switching on’... Read more »

NSW boosts renewable energy supplies with Energy Action Plan

NSW increases renewable energy but lags behind other states and national target NSW is well on the way to completing all actions in the Renewable Energy Action Plan, the Government’s plan that... Read more »