Oil dives below $33 – the lowest in 11 years

Oil prices hit their lowest in over 11 years on Wednesday, as the row between Saudi Arabia and Iran was seen making any cooperation between major exporters to cut output even more... Read more »

Iran launches world’s largest floating Oil terminal

Iran has launched the world’s largest floating oil export terminal in the Persian Gulf waters which is expected to significantly increase Iran’s capacity for crude oil storage and exports. The 2.2-million-barrel floating oil... Read more »

New Saudi King but same old Oil Policy

By Nick Cunningham The death of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah made international headlines on January 22, raising questions about the future of the Middle East. News of his death briefly rattled the... Read more »

Ups and downs of Oil prices

Oil remains the world’s most critical commodity. It has fuelled the industrial age. For over a century, oil politics has been almost synonymous with geopolitics; the cause of numerous wars and revolutions. Read more »