Chand Raat Eid Festival 2017 Australia

Chand Raat Eid Festival is a joyous opportunity to celebrate our various cultural and religious traditions says Australian PM Hon Malcolm Turnbull

Sydney (Tribune International); On the prestigious occasion of annual festivity of ending of Ramadan and celebrations of Eid-ul-Fitre, Australian Prime Minister Hon Malcolm Turnbull has released the following message for Chand Raat... Read more »
Chand Raat Eid Festival 2017 Australia

‘I urge everybody to head down and celebrate Chand Raat Eid’ at Werribee Racourse says Mayor Henry Barlow

Mayor Henry Barlow of Wyndham City Council, Victoria has given the following message for ‘Chand Raat Eid Festival (CREF) 2017′ Melbourne’s event to be held on Saturday 24th of June at Werribee Racecourse,... Read more »
Chand Raat Eid Festival in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne (Australia)

‘The Chand Raat Eid Festival promotes respect and understanding by welcoming people of all faiths to celebrate together’: PM Tony Abbott

Message from the Prime Minister Hon Tony Abbott for Chand Raat Eid Festival 2015 ‘I am pleased to provide this message to everyone attending the Chand Raat Eid Festival.’ ‘Marking the month... Read more »