Ofo, which operates 10 million bikes in 180 cities worldwide, is launching in Sydney on Wednesday. Photograph: Ofo

China’s bike-sharing company Ofo launches in Sydney

China’s bike-share company Ofo has entered Australian market with 200 bikes deployed in Sydney China’s bike-sharing company ofo has launched its dockless bike system in Sydney, Australia on Thursday. Chinese company Ofo,... Read more »

Bikers don’t have to worry about riding in rain now

Nothing ruins a bike commute more than a rain shower. To solve this problem, the Amsterdam-based bike design company Vanmoof designed a poncho that keeps riders dry, even in snow or a downpour. Called the Boncho,... Read more »

New Campaign urge Motorists to Ride Safe

NSW Government has launched a new motorcycle education campaign ‘Ride to Live’ to help motorcyclists and other motorists better identify and manage the issues, which put riders at risk. Minister for Roads... Read more »