Some of 43 snake eggs removed by wildlife rescue group Fawna from a school sandpit in Laurieton, New South Wales. Photograph: Fawna

Mysterious ‘snake eggs’ found in Australian school leave experts baffled

A child digging through a sandpit in Australia uncovered 7 deadly snake nests Alarm bells went off when a child discovered nests of eggs in a New South Wales school sandpit —... Read more »

Koala found dead and mutilated in ‘disgusting’ incident in Warrnambool

Disgusting and disturbing: Koala found dead and mutilated in Warrnambool, Victoria’s south-west A koala has been found dead and mutilated in Australia in the latest spate of animal mutilations that police on... Read more »
World's wildlife population has declined 60 percent in last 40 years: WWF

World’s wildlife population has declined 60 percent in last 40 years: WWF

Wildlife numbers plummet by 58% in 40 years – and it could signal a sixth mass extinction About 60 percent of the world’s fish, birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles have been wiped... Read more »
A child touches the head of a gorilla statue where flowers have been placed outside the Gorilla World exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden.

Cincinnati Zoo caretaker devastated by death of the gorilla he raised as a child

Cincinnati Zoo shot and killed the 17-year-old Harambe after the boy fell into a moat inside gorilla exhibit Caretaker of slain Cincinnati Zoo Gorilla is left devastated as Harambe was shot dead... Read more »
Number Of Wild Tigers Increases For First Time In 100 Years

Global wild tiger count rises for first time in 100 years

The number of wild tigers across the globe has increased for the first time in a century thanks to improved conservation efforts, wildlife groups NEW DEHLI (India) – The number of tigers... Read more »
A goanna photographed climbing on the side of a home in Thurgoona, NSW, Australia. Photograph: Eric Holland

Giant lizard outside his home gives Australian man a fright

Giant Goanna just chilling on side of house in NSW South It is quite common to come across lizards in the garden and geckos on the wall. But Mr Eric Holland from... Read more »