Syed Atiq ul Hassan, the founding director of Halal Expo Australia strongly condemned the statement of Greens Senator Syed Atiq ul Hassan half picMehreen Faruqi published in Daily Mail where she wanted to ban the traditional Halal slaughtering of animal by Muslims. Process of Halal is not a tradition it is an Islamic obligation for Muslims. Mrs. Faruqi later said on social media that Daily Mail misrepresented her view and she haven’t called the banning of Halal but she supports the stunning of animal before slaughtering.

In Islam Muslims are allowed to eat meat only if the following conditions are met during the slaughter of an animal which is allowed to Halal, commonly, Sheep, Goat, Cattle Breeds, Camels, Rabbits, Chicken:

  • The slaughter man has to be a Muslim.
  • Before the slaughter, the slaughter man must invoke the Name of Allah (SWT), by reciting “Bismillahi, Allahu Akbar” or at the least “Bismillah”.
  • He must immediately slaughter the animal after the recital without any significant delay.
  • The knife must be extremely sharp in order the animal does not suffer during the slaughter.
  • He must sever the following arteries:
  • Trachea windpipe, Oesophagus artery, both Jugular Veins.

If by any reason it is not possible to sever all of them, the slaughter man must sever at least three of them in order to render the meat halal.

The slaughterer must conduct the slaughter process manually and swiftly. The knife must not be lifted before the cut is complete and the cut must be complete.

Mrs Faruqi statement published in Daily Mail is just rubbish as for as Halal process is concerned. She said that this is the reason she is vegetarian. I am shocked to hear this type of non-sense statement from her, does it mean she wants all Muslim to become vegetarian.