Selfie on top of Hong Kong Skyscraper reaches new heights

DON’T look down. An extreme selfie captured on top of a Hong Kong skyscraper could be the scariest one ever snapped.

When a man with quest for the ultimate selfie (and a death wish) managed to say cheese on top of Brazil’s Christ the redeemer statue we thought it was game over for the selfie wars, but thisWorld's scariest selfie one-upmanship has reached new heights with a selfie that’ll make your stomach flip and palms sweat.

World’s scariest selfie

Perched on the top of The Center — Hong Kong’s fifth tallest skyscraper — Daniel Lau, joined by his two friends, stands up without any safety harnesses and stretches out his smartphone on a selfie stick to take a video that’ll make you weak at the knees with vertigo.

At 346 meters high (73 storeys), the clip shows the vertical, high-rise, landscape of Hong Kong from an impressively gut-churning perspective, but it is yet unknown how the group managed to gain access to the scary summit of the building.

So who wins in a straight shootout between this bonkers honkers shot or the Redeemer statue snapper? While the latter gains kudos for its iconic status we have to go for the unbelievable antics atop of this skyscraper as the craziest selfie we’ve seen.

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