Sydney (Press Release): The 51st Higher School Certificate has now officially ended with the class of 2018 receiving their HSC scores from 6am this morning.

In a remarkable result, 1,254 students received the coveted ‘All Round Achievers Award’. To be eligible for this prestigious accolade, students must score in the highest possible band across ten units of study.

Also making the HSC 2018 honour roll, an incredible 16,933 students received the highly prized ‘Distinguished Achievers Award’, which celebrates students who score in the top band in at least one course.

Education Minister Rob Stokes praised the 75,700 students who completed at least one HSC course, however he reserved a special message for the 68,000 students across NSW awarded their Higher School Certificate this year.

“Obtaining your HSC is an incredible milestone, however your school years were just the first slice of life, now it’s up to you to enjoy the rest of the cake,” Mr Stokes said.

With 56,142 HSC recipients also eligible for an ATAR, the Minister reminded 2018 graduates not to panic if their result did not meet their expectations.

“If you don’t get the result you were hoping for, remember there are so many paths to success and your HSC doesn’t define you. You have countless options and there are multiple avenues to seek support from your friends, family and community,” Mr Stokes said.

In an encouraging sign, 83 per cent of students completed a Maths course and 51 per cent did a Science subject.