PTI NSW (Australia) holds election for a new executive body

Sydney (Press release from  Zahid Iqbal of Visionaries panel, 30 Nov 2016): A meeting was held in Granville at Khurshid Chaudhry’s residence on Saturday 26-November 2016. Mr. Khurshid Chaudhry welcomed all members and started the meeting with recitation of The Holy Quran by Mr. Talha Chaudhry (sharp after Maghreb prayer). More than 30 PTI lovers and respected Pakistani community members turned up on a very short notice.

Khurshid Chaudhry explained the need of this meeting and all agenda items. In start all participants provided brief introduction of them specifying name, profession, association with PTI (in number of years), reason of them being PTI supporters and where they want to see PTI in Australia in next two years.

The main agenda item was to do consultation with extended team about finalization of Panel Name, Panel candidate, review and addition of new points in manifesto etc. It was discussed how elected team and all members can work together to engage all Pakistani community in Australia, set and achieve goal of financial and moral support to Khan sahib and PTI in Pakistan. Each participant was given fair time to comment on all the topics. It was mutually agreed that all/maximum PTI voters should be given a chance to listen their emerging leaders in a Panel debate style along-with sharing video of the session to all PTI lovers in Australia and overseas.

It was proved an extremely beneficial sitting, everyone fully participated and was keen to follow-up regarding the suggestions provided.

With mutual discussion panel name was decided as “Visionaries”. Potential candidates introduced themselves. All the professional PTI members who step forward to contest coming election were given chance that why they think they will be more suitable for the roles and about their performance in previous years. All four members who were finalized to contest the coming elections are professionals and very active members in the community.

Finally all agreed for the following Insafians to submit their nomination papers under the banner of “Visionaries” panel.

  1. Muhammad Waqas Bashir (candidate for President). He is working as a Solution Architect. He served PTI NSW as a first elected President between 2012-2013pti-panel
  2. Khurshid Chaudhry (candidate for Vice President). He working as a “Hospital Pharmacist” and head of Pharmacy department in Blacktown Hospital.
  3. Zahir Hussain (candidate for General Secretary). He is a Business consultant at Telstra. He is very active in social activities, Business and Professional Networking, bush walk, and other areas of interest for Pakistani and Muslim community, and
  4. Zahid Iqbal (candidate for Information Secretary). He is a Technical Business Analyst working in banking Industry.

This meeting was concluded with a very delicious dinner, networking session, registration of Panel nomination and Prayer for the betterment of Pakistan, PTI and Pakistani community in Australia.

All members showed great interest in “Visionaries” imitative to do this consultation and getting opinion and endorsement from highly respected and senior members of Pakistani community.

Every one greeted the Visionaries panel and its members for their courage to step forward with the intention to serve Pakistani community from the platform of PTI. Many prominent and active community members attended the gathering and praised the efforts of the members of the PTI in Australia for creating an example of democratic system in the community organisations and wish the panel for their success in their election.

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