Canada is the 6th most prosperous country in the world

Canada is the sixth most prosperous country in the world, topped only by Australia, New Zealand and three Scandinavian countries, according to a British think-tank’s new prosperity index. Norway, Denmark and Sweden... Read more »

Online shopping warning for consumers and retailers

Fair Trading Minister Anthony Roberts today said a new online shopping survey by Fair Trading revealed consumers are being put at risk by small and medium businesses failing to provide a secure... Read more »

Radio Show Voice of Tribune

Voice of Tribune Presents …. The most entertaining and informative Urdu Radio Program ‘Saaz Aur Awaz’ Every Sunday 10.00pm to 12.00pm Radio FM2000 – FM98.5 Current Affairs, Announcements, Social & Community Issue,... Read more »

Canada’s skilled immigrants backlog to be eliminated soon

Canada’s Conservative government says a backlog of skilled immigrant applications, which has clogged the system for years, is declining rapidly and will be eliminated by the end of next year. Immigration Minister... Read more »

India’s Economic Invasion of Sri Lanka – What is being done about it?

Half of Sri Lanka’s post-independence was ravaged with countering terrorism. Sri Lanka’s sovereignty and territorial integrity was secured by its armed forces but not without sacrificing life and limb. The armed forces... Read more »

Dekha Jo Pheli Bar – Sydney’s Shahnawaz Khan Entry to Bollywood

Producer, Director, Writer: Mohammed Shamim Khan Cast: Shahnawaj Khan, Kanika, Charu Ashopa Music: Praveen, Manoj, Mikki Narula, Rigdev Lyrics: S M Fusail, Mohammed Shamim Khan, Yudhvir Singh Cinematography: Tapas Lawrence Synopsis The film is based on story of... Read more »

Call for students to join Facebook’s Anti-Bullying Campaign

The Australian Government is partnering with Facebook and two youth not-for-profit groups, headspace and PROJECT ROCKIT, to take a stand against cyber bullying through the Be Bold, Speak Up campaign. Bullying is... Read more »

پاکستان مانگ رہا ہے آزادی

پاکستان مانگ رہا ہے آزادی آزادی ان حاکموں سے جو محکوم ہیں مغربی سامراج کے پاکستان مانگ رہا ہے آزادی آزادی ان سرداروں سے جو غلام ہیں مغربی طاقتوں کے پاکستان مانگ... Read more »

Taliban decide to deal with MQM

TTP spokesman Ihsanullah Ihsan called reporters and read out a statement on Friday, saying the Taliban had decided to rid the people of Karachi of the suppression of MQM. “We would show... Read more »

Tough guy ‘Taliban Khan’

The question was simple: If Imran Khan was elected as the country’s prime minister, what would be the fate of religious minorities in Pakistan, such as Hindus and Ahmadis? Twenty-seven-year old journalism... Read more »

Lack of confidence on corruption in Australia

The media, trade unions and political parties top the list of institutions the public perceives to be the most corrupt and in which they have the least confidence, while 43 per cent of... Read more »

Attack on Malala raises serious questions

Two female students injured in the attack on Malala Yousufzai in Pakistan have told the media that the gunman first asked who Malala was before shooting her. This means the shooters did... Read more »

The Unseen, Progressive & Moderate Pakistan – “Find a new, Point of view”

Anam Firyal, Melbourne: Occasionally, there are instances when great things are achieved by a small group of dedicated and passionate people. One such instance was the recent event organised by the Melbourne... Read more »