Sydney (Press Release): The Liberal and Nationals’ Government will help tens of thousands of Australians living with an eating disorder to access life-saving treatment with a landmark $115 million package.

For the first time, those Australians with severe eating disorders will now be able to access a comprehensive treatment plan under Medicare.

Patients will be able to access up to 40 psychological services and 20 dietetic services each year, under Medicare, from November 1 next year.

Eating disorders have one of the highest mortality rates of any psychiatric illness, with anorexia by far the

Eating disorder (source Recovery Connection)

Eating disorder (source Recovery Connection)

deadliest mental health condition in Australia. There are around 1 million Australians living with an eating disorder.

This $110.7 million investment into Medicare will benefit around 30,000 people each year living with these debilitating disorders, helping them to get better and stay out of hospital.

This will undoubtedly save many lives. Eating disorders can be debilitating for both men and women of any age and this illness is one of the many nightmares parents have for their children.

It can strike and tear apart any home as it tries to rob the life and spirit of those dear ones afflicted. It is only right that we recognise these debilitating conditions within our Medicare system.

We have worked closely with medical experts and key stakeholder for many months to achieve this outcome and we thank the independent Medicare Benefits Schedule Review Taskforce for their work, following our request for a review last year.

Our Government will also provide $4 million to the InsideOut Institute for Eating Disorders.

This funding will support new research into better treatment and care for people living with an eating disorder condition.

Our Government is prioritising better mental health for all Australians with $4.7 billion expected to be spent on mental health this financial year. 

Nothing is more important than keeping Australians safe and keeping families together. This is also why we are so committed to keeping our economy strong. Because without a strong economy and getting our Budget back into balance, we can’t make these important decisions. This is why a strong economy matters.

And it is this strong economic management that ensures we continue to invest record amounts of funding into vital health initiatives including mental health, life-saving medicines, Medicare and public hospitals.