HMR Services in Surgery

HMR saves time for GPs/doctors from examining whether a complex medication regimen is safe and effective. Doctors will be able to claim MBS Item 900 by referring. 

HMR is of benefit to GPs and patients. HMR can now be done with accredited pharmacists directly instead of long process of organising with community pharmacies as per previous practice. In this way, doctors can avail its benefit easily and instantly.

With today’s rising demand for better care and better service, GPs need an HMR Pharmacist who has extensive experience in GP settings.

I introduced Grace Wu Consultant Pharmacist B.Pharm, AACPA first to my doctor & he got really good result within a month. My doctor thanked me over and over again for introducing Grace. Prior to my doctor she helped another 3-doctor clinic to make $30,000 extra with the combination of quality HMR Report and suitable systems she worked in the surgery with minimal extra work on doctor’s behalf.

She has the experience of providing 1000 HMR services since 2011. Her reports are known to solve patients’ practical problems while taking patients’ preferences into account. The thing is that the system is pretty new and many doctors do not know it.

Certificates of Practice owners who have worked with Grace and a sample HMR Report randomly picked from recent work can be supplied. I am available to discuss with anyone needing this service further on 0438029247 or 96261786 at a time that is convenient.

Rahman Khan,

Business Introducer

My HMR, Sydney

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