Huawei unveils its first Android Wear smartwatch

The Android Wear-powered Huawei Watch, due mid-2015, is designed to give smartwatches a more classical look. Also new: the TalkBand B2 and N1 Bluetooth fitness trackers and bigger brand ambitions for the... Read more »

Robear, a Japanese nursing robot with the face of a bear

Robear robot care bear designed to serve Japan’s aging population Japan has long been looking at how it might use robots to provide care for the elderly, and with a rapidly aging... Read more »

14 Promising Startups that will change our everyday lives

By Brian Solis Investors are always in search of billion-dollar unicorns. And now with Uber and SnapChat being valued in the tens of billions, we are starting to see a new wave... Read more »

Cyber-criminals steal $1bn from 100 banks worldwide

Investigators are uncovering what is thought to be the biggest ever cybercrime with more than $1 billion going missing from banks around the world. Read more »

Amazon’s first physical store opens in US

Retail giant unveils its first staffed centre on the Purdue University campus, with plans to open more in the US Amazon has launched its first physical store in Purdue University US, a... Read more »

Google Glass failed because it just wasn’t cool

By Umair Haque It was hailed as the greatest product since the iPod … the wheel … the car. Instead, it turned out to be more like New Coke or the Segway. So... Read more »

Japan set to open world’s first Robot-staffed futuristic Hotel

From porters to room cleaners to front desk officers, all the staff members at the new Japanese hotel will be Robots A new hotel opening this summer in Japan’s Huis Ten Bosch... Read more »

Is Google developing an Uber competitor?

Google and Uber are going to war over self-driving taxis Google is on the verge of getting into the ride-sharing business, creating a rift with the market leader Uber, Bloomberg reports. Uber... Read more »

Could Windows 10 be a winner for Microsoft?

By David Tuffley, Griffith University The hype around the next generation of Windows reached a new high this week with the Windows 10 Preview, held at Microsoft’s Redmond HQ in the US.... Read more »

Google begins its Domain Registration Service

US residents can now purchase and manage Internet domains through Google Google is now officially a domain registrar, at least in the U.S. About six months after launching as an invite-only service,... Read more »

Elastica offers Security and Compliance Solution for Dropbox

Elastica Securlet for Dropbox leverages the newly announced Dropbox for Business SAN JOSE, CA – Elastica, the leader in Data Science Powered Cloud Application Security, has announced availability of its Securlet for... Read more »

Australia ranks third in global Digital Media use

Australia is the world’s third-highest consumer of digital media, with the average person spending 16.48 hours consuming it every week, according to a report by PQ Media. UK tops the ranking with... Read more »

Microsoft hires Robot Security Guards

Rise of the Robots Five-foot-tall, 300-pound shiny white robots are now patrolling in front of Building 1 on Microsoft’s Silicon Valley campus. Designed and manufactured by robotics company Knightscope, the presence of... Read more »

Google Bus launched in Bangladesh to train students

Google Bus has been launched in Bangladesh to train its half a million of college and university students the use of Internet. State Minister for Information Communication Technology Junaid Ahmed Polok inaugurated... Read more »

UK intelligence chief wants social media to “cooperate”

UK spy chief Robert Hannigan has called on big U.S. tech companies to do more to help governments combat terrorism, as he described social media as “a terrorist’s command-and-control network of choice.”... Read more »

Google unveils Inbox – New Email App

Google's Gmail team thinks it knows how to solve the email problem with a new app named Inbox which offers a different way of handling the daily avalanche of email. The App... Read more »

Apple loses China patent case

BEIJING: A Beijing court has ruled against Apple Inc by upholding the validity of a patent held by a Chinese company, clearing the way for the Chinese company to continue its own... Read more »

Startup launches ‘first wearable health record’ for Google Glass

SAN FRANCISCO: Google Inc’s futuristic eyeglasses are finding their way into hospitals and clinics throughout the United States. To meet the growing demand for Google Glass from physicians, Drchrono, a Mountain View,... Read more »

Amazon plans local services marketplace this year

SAN FRANCISCO: Inc later this year plans to launch a marketplace for local services, a broad term that encompasses anything from babysitters to handymen to birthday clowns, beginning with a single... Read more »

Apple to make millions smart watches monthly, from October

SAN FRANCISCO: Apple Inc. is preparing to sell its first wearable device this October, aiming to produce 3 million to 5 million smart watches a month in its initial run, the Nikkei... Read more »

Google close to unveiling self-driving car

California-based company working on vehicle that will drive without a steering wheel or control pedals. Google is developing a new self-driving vehicle that will be able to drive without any human input,... Read more »

Google ‘to pay $1 b to watch gamers play live’ with Twitch

GOOGLE is reportedly set to splash up to US $1 billion on a company that allows people to watch others playing video games live. Google wants to buy Twitch in order to merge... Read more »

HP to invest $1billion in cloud computing

Hewlett-Packard Co said it plans to invest more than $1 billion over the next two years to develop and offer cloud-computing products and services. The company said it will make its OpenStack-based... Read more »

Bill Gates on track to own no Microsoft stock in four years

SEATTLE: Bill Gates, the former chief executive and chairman of Microsoft Corp, will have no direct ownership in the company he co-founded by mid-2018 if he keeps up his recent share sales.... Read more »