Drones will take over $127 billion of our jobs by 2020

Drones will soon be performing varied tasks such as boosting crop yields, verifying insurance claims, and assisting in future Hollywood blockbusters The global market for commercial applications of drone technology, currently estimated... Read more »

Australia’s Smart Cities Plan include Uber, Driverless Cars, and Clean Energy

Australia’s Smart Cities Plan, announced at the Smart Cities Summit, has ‘Smart Technology’ as one of its three key pillars, alongside ‘smart investment’ and ‘smart policy’ By Campbell Simpson (Gizmodo) The Turnbull... Read more »
Noria Air conditioner

Smart, compact AC that will fit any window

Window air conditioners are a necessity in most homes, but often they embody an outdated design and are precarious to use. But that’s a problem of the past now as a new, compact air conditioner,... Read more »
Dubai has adopted a smart self-driving transport strategy

Driverless cars to soon run on Dubai roads

Dubai, already home to the world’s tallest building, is looking to get ahead by getting out of the driver’s seat. Dubai has adopted a smart self-driving transport strategy by which, 25 percent... Read more »
Amsterdam named 2016 European capital of innovation

Amsterdam named 2016 European capital of innovation

Amsterdam has been chosen as European capital of innovation in the annual iCapital competition organised by the European Commission. Dutch News reported on Friday that the city won the E.C.’s annual iCapital... Read more »
How smartphones can help monitor and prevent illegal deforestation

How smartphones can help monitor and prevent illegal deforestation

Deforestation in Cameroon has increased fourfold from 2006 to 2014, but the spread of cheap smartphones can be used to turn this tide Edward Mitchard (Chancellor’s Fellow at the University of Edinburgh)... Read more »
An Audi A4 in crystal effect paint finish Ara Blue is seen on the road. The 2017 Audi A4 upholds the strong tradition of its sports sedan predecessors.

Tech sets apart 2017 Audi A4 from other sports sedans

The new Audi A4 Allroad will feature the firm’s latest four-wheel drive and self-driving technology when it goes on sale in the coming months. Buyers will be able to select an option... Read more »

Tesla Model 3 unveiled, deliveries to begin in late 2017

The Tesla Model 3 has finally been released at the Tesla design studio in Hawthorne, Calif. The new entry level model was confirmed to start at $35,000 and promises a range of... Read more »
Scientists develop Matrix-style stimulator capable of enhancing skills

Scientists develop Matrix-style stimulator capable of enhancing skills

Scientists develop Matrix-style technology capable of enhancing skills Anyone who has ever watched Matrix wished they could upload information to their brain in seconds. Now the idea of a device being able to “upload”... Read more »

US Judge rejects FBI request to unlock iPhone

Apple Wins Major Court Victory Against FBI in a Case Similar to San Bernardino Apple scored a major legal victory in its ongoing battle against the FBI on Monday when a federal... Read more »
Facebook rolls out Reactions

Facebook rolls out new Reaction buttons

Facebook has rolled out its new Reactions buttons — but they might end up working the opposite of how people might expect. The site added five new buttons that allow people to... Read more »

Where will robots take over the most jobs?

The rise of robots and AI in the workplace seems almost inevitable at the moment. But if machines are capable of doing almost any work humans can do, what will humans do?... Read more »
Apple iphone

Apple iPhone sees slowest ever sales growth

Apple said iPhone sales grew at the slowest pace since its introduction in 2007 and forecast revenue declining in the current quarter, its first such drop since 2003 Apple’s iPhone sales are... Read more »
The Ehang 184, created by Guangzhou-based company Ehang, essentially looks like a larger version of a quadcopter drone

China’s Ehang unveils autonomous flying vehicle for people

Chinese drone maker Ehang Inc. unveiled what it calls the world’s first drone capable of carrying a human passenger. A Chinese company has unveiled the world’s first commercially available passenger drone at... Read more »
Faraday Future unveils the 'Tesla killer': Mysterious Chinese-backed firm reveals its bizarre 1,000-horsepower electric car

Faraday challenges Tesla with this super-powered Electric Car concept

Faraday Future will Challenge Tesla with this Electric Batmobile Concept Faraday Future—a secretive, California-based selectric-vehicle startup that’s been teasing a big reveal for weeks—finally pulled the sheet off its debut concept in... Read more »

Bikers don’t have to worry about riding in rain now

Nothing ruins a bike commute more than a rain shower. To solve this problem, the Amsterdam-based bike design company Vanmoof designed a poncho that keeps riders dry, even in snow or a downpour. Called the Boncho,... Read more »
Apple Pay

Apple Pay in Australia: Customers lose out and all parties share the blame

By David Glance Australian Labor MP Ed Husic has declared that by not supporting Apple Pay in Australia, the four major banks have engaged in anti-competitive behaviour. In a letter to the... Read more »

Facebook launches Notify app to keep you updated with breaking news

Facebook is already dominating peoples’ phone time, and now it wants a crack at your lock screen, too. Facebook has rolled out a new app for iPhone owners called Notify that gathers... Read more »

Switzerland to launch driverless buses soon

Driverless post buses will soon be operating in the canton of Valais after a collaboration between PostBus and a Swiss startup founded by recent graduates from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology... Read more »
Self-driving delivery robot soon coming to sidewalks

Self-driving delivery robot soon coming to sidewalks

A new delivery robot could help reduce the price paid for deliveries – and possibly make them free in the future. The robot, developed by one of the original founders of Skype,... Read more »
Boeing says its metal microlattice is the 'lightest metal ever'

Boeing has created ‘lightest metal ever’

Boeing’s new metal is 99.99% air and can be used for almost anything A new video released by Boeing this week claims that the company has invented a metal that’s “99.99 percent... Read more »
Hundreds queue in Sydney to get their hands on the new iPhone 6S. Photo: Gizmodo Australia

Fans, including a robot, rush for iPhone 6S at Apple Store in Australia

SYDNEY (Australia) – A few seconds ago after the doors to Australia’s flagship Apple Store on George Street in Sydney were opened, hundreds flocked to the Apple store to get the hands on... Read more »

Technology to drive Australia’s future growth

By Aimee Chanthadavong  (ZDNet) Technology is expected to drive economic growth and benefit most of the country, although it is still difficult to determine the full impact it will have in the... Read more »

Technology has created more jobs than it has destroyed in the last 140 years

Many modern day people complain that technology is taking people’s jobs and fear that robots may replace them in many fields. But research shows that it is the opposite. New study by... Read more »