8 Effective Learning strategies for Studying smarter

By Joseph Stromberg The way most students study makes no sense. That’s the conclusion of Washington University in St. Louis psychologists Henry Roediger and Mark McDaniel — who’ve spent a combined 80... Read more »

Everyone’s an expert: in the digital era, fakes need to be exposed

By Andina Dwifatma In the public eye, an expert, writing for newspapers and magazines or speaking on television, used to be considered almost infallible. The public rarely challenged their words and considered... Read more »

Zionism and its Discontents – Book Review

Reviewed by Ludwig Watzal (Ran Greenstein, Zionism and its Discontents. A Century of Radical Dissent in Israel/Palestine, Pluto Press, London 2014, 248 pp.) Nationalist narratives and political movements have dominated the Israeli-Palestinian... Read more »

Journalist details eye-opening journey inside ISIS Territory

First Western journalist returns with chilling message: ISIS is ‘Much Stronger And Much More Dangerous’ than people realize’ Report by IRIA German author Jürgen Todenhöfer, the first Western journalist in the world... Read more »

Why American middle class is lost in space

The middle class took America to the moon. Then something went horribly wrong By Jim Tankersley The Washington Post DOWNEY, Calif. — One day in 1967, Bob Thompson sprayed foam on a... Read more »

Earliest human engraving found on Indonesian Shell

Ancestors of modern humans began art 540,000 yrs ago It’s a simple zigzag design scratched onto the surface of a freshwater mussel shell on the Indonesian island of Java about half a... Read more »

Founding member of Taliban lifts the lid on the real Afghanistan

By: Karen Jayes Founding member and former spokesperson of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan – known in popular media as the Taliban – as well as former Afghan ambassador to Pakistan, Mullah... Read more »

30th Anniversary of Sikh Genocide, a survivor writes his story,

Dallas, Texas, October 31, 2014.  It’s been 30 years since the Sikh Massacre took place in New Delhi; justice is still not served to the victims and their families. The fanatics among... Read more »


For E Islam by Sister Jasmine Khan Muharram is one of the sacred months of the Islamic year. Muharram is the month with which we begin our lunar calendar. It commemorates the... Read more »

Jewish family recalls good old days in Pakistan

Instead of fleeing 1930s Europe to British-controlled Palestine like many other Jews, the Kahan family moved to Lahore on a whim. When Hazel Kahan went back to Lahore, Pakistan, in 2011 for... Read more »

Australia begins world-first trial of vein viewing technology

First ever Vein viewing Tech trial underway in Australia. And it’s not in vain! Do you have hard-to-find veins? Don’t let that stop you from donating blood now. Because Australian Red Cross Blood... Read more »

Interview with History

Brilliant Memoir of Jamshed Marker – an Ambassador who served “two presidents, seven prime ministers, three chiefs of army staff and many foreign ministers”   by Anjum Niaz Paris was like a femme... Read more »

Indian scholar debunks ISIS claims about slavery in Islam

Islam does not allow enslavement of civilian population Zafarul-Islam Khan, senior Indian Muslim scholar, who is an alumnus of Al-Azhar and Cairo universities and holds a PhD in Islamic Studies from the... Read more »

Mary Brandon was punched in the face

Mary Brandon was punched in the face at the Notting Hill Carnival and spent nine hours in hospital THIS woman spent nine hours in hospital after a man punched her in the... Read more »

Military plane made from ‘human skin’

A BRITISH defence company is working on a military plane of the future that is covered by a ‘human skin’. Okay, sorry. If you’re imagining a big, fleshy aircraft flapping through the... Read more »

Selfie on top of Hong Kong Skyscraper reaches new heights

DON’T look down. An extreme selfie captured on top of a Hong Kong skyscraper could be the scariest one ever snapped. When a man with quest for the ultimate selfie (and a... Read more »

Circus camel bites baby boy’s head in France

A BABY boy is in hospital after a circus camel bit him on the head. The incident happened in France on Saturday as the four-month-old and his mother visited the circus in... Read more »

Pakistani woman scientist attends Nobel Laureate Meeting

KARACHI: A young Pakistani scientist, Dr Saima Rasheed of the HEJ Research Institute of Chemistry, Karachi University, attended the 64th Nobel Laureate Meeting of Physiology and Medicine, held in Germany recently. An... Read more »

Iranian the first woman to snare maths prize

Iranian mathematician Maryam Mirzakhan is among four recipients of mathematics’ top prize, the Fields Medal. Iranian mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani has become the first woman to be awarded the Fields Medal, mathematics’ equivalent... Read more »

Fishermen drag dead whale to Karachi shore

KARACHI: The body of what fishermen say is an estimated 70-foot whale washed up on the coast of Karachi on Tuesday morning. Local fishermen in the locality of Ghas Bandar area along... Read more »

Online passwords could be replaced by photos

CYBER security has never been so important so can a typical password cut it anymore? Now that we’re all well and truly quaking from the news Russians have stolen over a billion... Read more »

Microsoft sues Samsung over breach of contract

NEW YORK: Microsoft on Friday fired a legal salvo at long-time partner Samsung, accusing the South Korean giant of breaching a contract over licensing of technology used in the competitive smartphone market.... Read more »

Robots to take over many jobs done by people, for good and bad

WASHINGTON: Robots and artificially intelligent devices will take over many jobs now done by people, and experts are divided as to whether their spread will do human society more good than harm.... Read more »

Brief Facebook outage prompts complaints on Twitter

WASHINGTON: A brief Facebook outage on Friday prompted a flurry of complaints and comments on Twitter less than two months after a similar incident affected users worldwide. According to the website downdetector.com,... Read more »