Police detain two after threat against mosque

A sacred day for Shiite Muslims was marred by a scuffle and the arrest of two men at a mosque in western Sydney. Shiite Muslims were gathered at Arncliffe Mosque on Sunday to... Read more »

Aboriginal land rights act review

Among 47 recommendations contained in a historic review of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 (ALRA) tabled in Parliament today are proposals on housing, land claims, regulatory powers and incentive models, the... Read more »

Longer tourist visas now open to parents of Australians

The Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Chris Bowen MP, today launched longer tourist visas for parents of Australian citizens and permanent residents in recognition of the valuable role they play in their... Read more »

50 asylum seekers sent home to Sri Lanka

Another group of Sri Lankan men has been flown home from Christmas Island. The 50 men arrived in Australia on asylum seeker boats but the Federal Government says they did not make... Read more »

$100,000 wasted on departmental name change as 361 teachers and support staff sacked

The O’Farrell Government has wasted $100,751 to change the name of the Department of Education and Training to the Department of Education and Communities – at the same time the Government is... Read more »

No Queen by 2015

The visit of Prince Charles, welcome though he is, should remind most Australians that the monarchy he represents plays a most unwelcome role in Australia’s governance. The removal of the monarchy from... Read more »

Call for students to join Facebook’s Anti-Bullying Campaign

The Australian Government is partnering with Facebook and two youth not-for-profit groups, headspace and PROJECT ROCKIT, to take a stand against cyber bullying through the Be Bold, Speak Up campaign. Bullying is... Read more »

Lack of confidence on corruption in Australia

The media, trade unions and political parties top the list of institutions the public perceives to be the most corrupt and in which they have the least confidence, while 43 per cent of... Read more »