Australian Islamic Leaders welcome Govt. intake on Syrian Refugees with reservations

Sydney (Tribune International 10 Sept 2015): Australian grand Mufti and the National Imam’s Council welcome the Australian government decision to welcome 12000 Syrian refugees but at the same time they have shown concern about the criteria Australian government is establishing on religious ground. Following is the completed statement.

‘The Office of the Grand Mufti (OGM) and the Australian National Imam’s Council (ANIC) welcome the announcement of the Australian Government’s decision to increase the humanitarian intake by 12,000 people and provide $44 million in financial aid for refugee agencies.’

‘However, the OGM and ANIC have serious concerns regarding the significant delay in this much-­‐ needed measure, despite the Syrian Crisis entering its fifth year; described by many as the worst refugee crisis since World War Two and displacing over 10 million Syrians. It is imperative that the Australian Government plays a more significant role in providing aid and increasing its refugee intake.’

‘The OGM and ANIC are concerned by the various comments made by the PM and some Government Ministers that the selection criteria of the refugee intake would be based on religious screening. The effect of such comments would set a dangerous precedent, have serious repercussions on the social fabric of Australian communities and foster a discriminatory environment.’

‘The OGM and ANIC would like to emphasize that the Syrian crisis would have not been so severe had the international community, including Australia, fulfilled its international obligations towards the plight of the Syrian people.’

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