The Australian Child Support Agency has international child support collection agreements with 86 countries around the world.

 These agreements are inflexible and are therefore unproductive.

 For example, the Australian Child Support Agency initially gave my taxable income details to their New Zealand equivalent. This was done without my knowledge. As such, I could not challenge the accuracy of the information, which I believe was artificially too high.

Once the inflated debt was established, the Australian Child Support Agency then officially reduced the age of my son by 10 years. This was done to allow the debt to be then transferred from New Zealand into the Australian Child Support Scheme. I was later told that this was normal procedure under the “Australia-New Zealand Agreement“.

 Many countries have similar agreements. Due to different jurisdictions, there is logistical barrier in being able to review the decisions of these bureaucrats.

 Once excessive child support assessments are made, many non-custodial parents (both citizens and non-citizens) are then forced into unemployment here in  Australia. They are then only able to afford to pay the minimum child support payment (currently $13 per week).

 This does not benefit the non-custodial parent, who is unemployed.

 It also does not benefit the Australian Government which receives less taxation.

 It also does not benefit the Australian taxpayer who has an increased tax burden due to increased social security payments here in  Australia .

 Primarily, it does not benefit the overseas custodial parent and children, who do not receive sufficient child support.

 Then who does it benefit?

 The current system only benefits the 4,000 employees who are employed by the Australian Child Support Agency.

 Unfortunately this will continue until fairness is brought into the Australian Child Support system.




Glenn Daley,

Miranda. NSW.